Village Information

Village History

Explore the fascinating history of our village, from its humble beginnings to its present-day charm. Delve into the stories of the past and discover the rich tapestry of characters that have shaped our community into what it is today.


Discover the heart of our village at the historic church. Learn about its architectural beauty, its significance to the community, and the spiritual life that continues to thrive within its walls.

Village Gallery

Immerse yourself in the visual journey through our gallery capturing the essence of our community through photographs and artwork, preserving cherished memories and celebrating the vibrant life of our village.

Discover the Area

Discover the local area by walking the 50 mile Mendip Way. A dramatic journey west from Frome to Weston super Mare, through Cheddar Gorge. Enjoy the Colliers Way cycle route 28miles from Frome to Dundas Aqueduct part of Route 24 Bath to Bournemouth.

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